From my experience, adults either don´t want to wear braces for a long period of time or they don´t want something that´s going to show. For those looking for the fastest way to get straight teeth, I offer accelerated orthodontic treatment. Its goal is not to correct underlying skeletal discrepancies or functional problems but to give the patient straight and white teeth (whitening is also included) in a very short period of time (usually from three to six months).


While brackets are used for accelerated treatment


Some patients will require comprehensive orthodontic care but dread the thought of wearing unsightly orthodontic brackets. i-braces allows us to treat you with the use of lingual braces (brackets are worn behind the teeth).


For those patients who simply don´t want to wear braces invisible liners such as Invisalign may also be an option.


Finally, there´s also the possibility of masking the problem with the use of porcelain veneers. Lumineers from the Den-Mat company in California can give you the look of straight and white teeth without the use of braces and without the need of anesthetic (no needles!).


It´s never too late to have straight teeth. By the end of treatment many adult patients tell me that they have but one regret: they wish they had done it sooner.