Everyone wishes to have whiter teeth and now, more than ever, it´s possible for everyone to get that smile they´ve been dreaming of.


There are many factors which cause tooth discoloration. Some substances will cause what we call extrinsic stains (surface stains) these can be removed by a professional cleaning. However certain substances such as tea or coffee stain the inside of the tooth (over time) and cannot be removed with a simple cleaning.


Trauma to a tooth can also cause it to change color. A tooth which has died or has had a root canal will often tend to darken. Certain medications if taken at an early age while the teeth are developing can create teeth which will be yellow, gray are brownish in appearance.


Whitening can dramatically change the color of your teeth. The whitening gel can penetrate within the enamel and whiten the inside of your teeth. Almost anybody´s teeth can be whitened, some more than others. However when the discoloration is too pronounced we may have to place something on top of the teeth to mask the underlying discoloration. Bonding or porcelain veneers can be used if the teeth are not respond well to tooth whitening. In extreme cases when the teeth are extremely dark, porcelain crowns ,/may be the best solution.







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