You will be happy to hear that we pay particular attention to children. We believe that good habits acquired during childhood are often continued throughout one´s entire life. That’s why we stress the use of gentle techniques and promote a more relaxed approach with kids. At our office, you and your family will benefit from many advantages:

1 – Special care to nervous patients

Our caring staff will quickly help put your child at ease by their verbal reassurance and comforting body language. Children can be distracted by watching TV, which can be found in every treatment room. For those who are more nervous, nitrous oxide (happy air) can also be used.


2 – Truly personalized care


Our unique concept assures that your child will be seen by a dentist at all his/her appointments. Furthermore, they will always see the same dentist, the one that you have chosen.


3 – Affordable prices


For children under 10 years of age, dental exams, fillings, extractions and root canals are covered by the “Régie de l´AssuranceMaladie du Québec”. For all other procedures, our prices are lower or equal to those of the Quebec Dental Surgeons Association fee guide.

Information on prevention and regular dental visits for children

You bet they are! The primary (baby) teeth form holding pillars so the jaws can develop properly and act as a guide for the permanent teeth as they erupt into the mouth.


If the primary teeth are lost prematurely, this can cause crowding of the permanent teeth. Restoring these teeth will halt the decay process, prevent abcess formation, prevent premature loss and maintain the space needed for the adult teeth.

Sealants are a plastic coating applied to the chewing surfaces of the back teeth where cavities usually begin. Children from 6 to 14 benefit the most from sealants since they can be applied to their permanent teeth as soon as they erupt, giving immediate protection before decay has a chance to start.


Because of the way sealants penetrate the tooth´s surface, cavities are completely prevented on these surfaces.

The professional application of a topical fluoride is proven to strengthen the teeth and reduce the chance of developing cavities.

The Régie de l´Assurance Maladie du Québec covers examinations, x-rays, silver fillings, root canals and surgical procedures including tooth and root extractions for children under 10 years of age.


For children under ten years, the following acts are covered by the Régie de l´Assurance Maladie du Quebec:

  • Annual check-ups
  • Amalgam fillings on the posterior teeth
  • Composite fillings on the anterior teeth
  • Stainless steel crowns
  • Pulpotomies
  • Pulpectomies
  • Root Canals on permanent teeth
  • Emergency Examinations
  • Extractions and minor surgeries

First and foremost we want to stimulate good habits that will last a lifetime. For that reason, we will never force a child who is unwilling or unreceptive to treatment.

We will strive to keep the number of visits to a minimum and make going to the dentist a “fun” experience.

Primary Teeth:

Upper Arch: Tooth #: Date of Eruption :
Central Incisors 51 - 61 6-8 months
Lateral Incisors 52 - 62 9 months
Canines 53 - 63 16-20 months
lst molars 54 - 64 12-16 months
2nd molars 55 - 65 20-30 months

Lower Arch: Tooth #: Date of Eruption :
Central Incisors 71 - 81 6 months
Lateral Incisors 72 - 82 9 months
Canines 73 - 83 16-20 months
lst molars 74 - 84 12-16 months
2nd molars 75 - 85 20-30 months

Permanent Teeth :

Upper Arch: Tooth #: Date of Eruption :
Central Incisors 11 - 21 6-7 Years
Lateral Incisors 12 - 22 7-8 Years
Canines 13 - 23 10-12 Years
lst molars 14 - 24 9-12 Years
2nd molars 15 - 25 10-12 Years
lst molars 16 - 26 6-7 Years
2nd molars 17 - 27 12-13 Years
3rd (wisdom teeth) 18 - 28 17-25 Years

Lower Arch: Tooth #: Date of Eruption :
Central Incisors 31 - 41 6-7 Years
Lateral Incisors 32 - 42 7-8 Years
Canines 33 - 43 10-12 Years
lst molars 34 - 44 9-12 Years
2nd molars 35 - 45 10-12 Years
lst molars 36 - 46 6-7 Years
2nd molars 37 - 47 12-13 Years
3rd (wisdom teeth) 38 - 48 17-25 Years