Because we love Our patients


Infection control is an important part of any health care practice. For the safety of our patients and our staff members, we observe the strictest guidelines available.


You will notice that all clinical staff members wear face masks, eye protection and change their gloves between each and every patient. All instruments and hand pieces are sterilized by our specialized equipment for every patient.


Should you have any questions regarding our infection control procedures, we will gladly answer them.


The Treatment Room



When you sit in one of our chairs,you can rest assured that the entire room has been disinfected. Lets see how it’s done:




All the instruments that we have used are either thrown away or brought to the sterilization room, we then disinfect the ENTIRE treatment room: the working surfaces, the chair and even the keyboards.



After throwing out all disposable material, we bring the instruments to be sterilized to the sterilization room.


Our sterilization room is centrally located in the middle of the office and includes an autoclave which allows us to sterilize all our instruments AFTER EVERY PATIENT.


All the sharp and dangerous instruments are sterilized according to the biomedical wastes guidelines before being disposed of.




The instruments that we have used are either:


1- Thrown away,


2- Sterilized then discarded or


3- Brushed, cleaned, packaged and sterilized

The first step of the sterilizing process consists of an ultrasonic «brushing»


After rinsing, we then package the instruments and place them into the autoclave where they will be submitted to sterilisation. ALL LIVING ORGANISMS ARE THEREFORE DESTROYED.


Every package of instruments contains a marker that proves the sterility of the contents.


The sterilized instruments are finally placed in the treatment rooms, ready for safe use.

All of our sterilizers are tested monthly by an independent laboratory.