We want children to have an enjoyable experience at the dentist.

And there's no better time than now to take advantage of our time limited offer.

Some kids may be nervous about their visit to the dental office.

Many times we found that it was the parents that were unwillingly transmitting their dental anxiety onto their children. Fortunately things have changed since you were a child and there’s no need for your kids to live the same traumatic experience that you may have lived early in your life. In fact it’s our goal to make every child’s visit a pleasurable one. We believe that creating a feeling of safety and trust can instill a positive feeling that a child can carry with them for the rest of their lives.

This is why we’ll go the extra mile to render gentle dental care with the use of:

– Distraction technique for painless anesthesia
– Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) for very nervous children
– Positive psychology
– Show and tell first visits

Your child’s first visit is designed for their comfort and includes:

– A Complete Dental Exam
– All Needed Intra-Oral X-rays
– A Dental Cleaning
– A Topical Fluoride Application
– Hygiene Instructions
– A Small Gift
– A Free Toothbrush

When we encounter a child who experiences fear about their visit we will take the time to explain to them what we’re going to do and make sure they understand that they will remain in control of any given situation. Of course, nothing can be better than not having to do any dental work in the first place. It’s much easier to have children come in for regular preventative visits when all they require is a cleaning and exam.
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What Clients Are Saying About Us On Google

Pascale Normand
Great dental center I go with my daughter and their services are impeccable! They have a very good approach with the clientele. I recommend them you will not be disappointed, very good team 🙂

Annie Paquette
My son was very anxious to receive the needle to repair his cavities. This had been a failure at my usual clinic. With the treatment of conscious sedation, the experience is almost a pleasure now!

Driss Saki
My children are very happy when we have a visit to Le Dentiste. Me too, it’s been years that I attend the clinic; professional team, high tech equipment, affordable price, no hidden fees. I strongly suggest because it’s hard to find what you want.

Mary Mary
Since 6 years I am patient at the dentist and my son and several members of my family and friends (es) and what to say of a warm, caring dentists. The hygienists finally managed to motivate my teen to make his silk! they have good prices I appreciate! Keep up the good work.