Premature loss and midline shift

This is when the center of the teeth do not correspond to the center of the face. It´s often caused by the premature loss of a baby tooth.

Ectopic tooth

A tooth that grows out of position is called an ectopic tooth. Upper cuspids are often the culprits.


Not enough room for all the teeth on the arch will result in crowding or flaring. In severe cases teeth may have to be extracted to create enough space.


Too much space creates unsightly gaps between the teeth. Braces will bring the teeth back together and eliminate the spacing.


An overbite is often caused by an underdeveloped lower jaw. This type of problem is ideally treated during early adolescence.


Most often caused by an overdeveloped lower jaw. This type of problem is often hereditary and may require surgery for its correction.


An open bite is when the front teeth do not touch when closing your teeth together. Surgery or extractions are often needed to correct the problem.


It´s as if there was an overclosure of your teeth.In extreme cases the lower incisors may bite onto the gum of the palate.


When the palate is too narrow, the upper teeth will not occlude properly with the lower teeth. Expansion is required and is best done at an early age.