Missing Teeth


Missing one are many teeth is not always an aesthetic problem but it can make chewing food much more difficult affecting your digestion and even your health! Healthy teeth and a healthy bite can, according to the Mayo Clinic, add years to a person´s life.

Teeth that are missing at the back of your mouth can cause occlusal and gum problems. Obviously missing front teeth will effect your appearance.

There are many different ways to replace missing teeth. Some of them are fixed while others are removable.


An implant is made of titanium and replaces the root of your tooth. It can be made to support a crown, a bridge or a denture. A fixed bridge replaces one are many teeth with porcelain teeth which are supported by your natural teeth on either side.

A Maryland Bridge is a false tooth which is glued to the two adjacent teeth from behind.


A removable partial or denture replaces missing teeth and gum with acrylic teeth and is entirely supported by your gums.